Test your banners

Select the file and press Upload button. The banners can be uploaded and tested one by one - no zip uploads allowed. Then check:
  • If the banner has correct Format and detected Flash version corresponds with required specifications. Otherwise save the banner in that version and upload again.
  • If Weight and Frame rate are meeting the requirements.
  • If clickTAG variables are not auto-detected or incorrect, then manually add/edit clickTAG variables to fit your specification and press Update button.
  • If uploaded *.flv video file meets IAB recommendations for In-stream ads.
  • If all clickable areas are working as expected: not being blocked by pop-up blockers, land the user correctly on the page specified in the "Redirect URL" field, parameters are passed to the landing page correctly (if applicable).
  • If streaming video/audio stops (if applicable).
  • If the events are working correctly (if applicable).

No file was uploaded