Video Wall Format

Video Wall Demo | Video Wall Demo 2

How it helps Publishers/Sell-side?

This is a nice looking fullscreen video format for Desktop non responsive sites. It appears when the page is loaded pushes whole page content down and start showing video. User can scroll down to hide the video ad or he can click on button to hide video. This format has only 3 action buttons on the ad itself. There is a Call to Action button, Skip ad button and Sound toggle button. Video is muted by default.

Technical specifications:

How to get started?

Production/Live tag

Publishers can use these tags to run actual campaigns

Tag example:

<script src=""

Asynchronous tag example:

<script type="text/javascript">
    (function(window, document, Adform){
        window._adform = window._adform || [];
        _adform.push(['9095743.on.init', function (settings) {
            var flashvars = settings.html.flashvars;
            flashvars.pmpId = *****;
    })(window, document, (Adform = window.Adform || {}));

<script data-adfscript="">
    a.src="http"+e+"://"+Math.round(new Date/6E4),

Additional parameters:


Callbacks can be implemented by publishers to execute custom javascript code depending on PMP outcome and/or banner state.

    (function(window, document, Adform){
        window._adform = window._adform || [];
        _adform.push(['on.init', function (settings) {
            this.on('pmp_empty', onEmpty);
            this.on('pmp_success', onSuccess);
            this.on('ad_ready', onAdReady);
            this.on('ad_skipped', onAdSkipped);

            function onEmpty () {
                // execute custom code when PMP does not return an ad

            function onSuccess() {
                // execute custom code when PMP returns an ad

            var content = this.adBox.content();
            content.sharedEvents.on('changeInview', function(value) {
                console.log('ad visibility', value);


            function onAdReady, onSkipAd ... // execute custom code when banner is ready/skipped


    })(window, document, (Adform = window.Adform || {}));