Once the banner is created you are able to save this banner as a template by clicking Project  Save as template in the Top Meniu.

Enter the template name and it will be added to Adform Creative Toolkit templates' list.

In order to create a banner using an existing template, proceed to Project  Create from template in the Top Meniu. You can select either custom templates or Adform's templates (see the image below).


  • Global search bar. Search bar is located in the upper right corner. Searches can consist of several parts, e.g. search "widget as3 tag:se 300x250" will list all AS3 templates with a tag se, a dimension of 300x250, and a string widget.
  • Templates are filtered by:
    • Template name;
    • Banner name;
    • Banner size;
    • ActionScript version;
    • Tags; searches with a prefix tag: find only templates containing a particular tag, e.g. tag:se will list only banners with the se tag;
    • Type; searches with a prefix type: find only templates of a particular type, e.g. type:expanding will list only banners of the Expanding type.
  • Categories. Templates are grouped by categories for easier browsing.
  • Favorites. Users can add their frequently used templates to the Favorites category by pressing the star symbol near the template name.
  • Descriptions. Each template has its own detailed description.
  • Examples. Example links are added for all templates.
  • Documentation. Links to documentation are added.

 Simply select the desired template, enter a project name and click the Create button.