When creating a new banner, you have to accomplish several steps.

1. Define the general settings in the "Details" tab:

Enter project and banner names;

  • Set project and banner locations;
  • Select ActionScript version;
  • Set banner dimensions;
  • Enter default clicktag (recomended). Adform Creative Toolkit automatically inserts button with instance name „defaultClicktagBtn“ on top of all banner content and assigns clickTAG to this button. Read more about this option: „Managing and Assigning actions“;
  • Select a backup image (optional).

Note: currently it‘s not possible to use special characters, such as ø,æ, å, etc., in project names.

2. Enter banner specific information in the "Settings" tab: 

  • Select Align – banner position in the page;
  • Select Wmode – available to choose transparent, opaque and window;
  • Select Landing page target – landing page can be opened in a new or the same window or frame.

3. Click the "Create" button.

4. New flash file is created and Adform Panel is displayed:

Now you are ready to create graphics, manage actions and etc.