Social Medias and Networks are inseparable from modern people’s lives. The main difference from standard Medias and Networks is the fact that users can decide what content goes through to the Social site. What is more important, people share multimedia, articles, news from around the Web with friends, colleagues. This makes the content even more noticeable.

Adform Widget Banners allow you increasing the target audience by making it possible for Web surfers to share banners on their Social Medias and Networks. This, in turn, will generate more traffic to the Advertiser's site and increase the return on investment – it can all be monitored by using Adform Reporting tools.

Note: currently the widget feature is availabe for the standard, video, floating, expanding, and the tear back banners.

Follow the instructions in order to create a Widget banner.

1. Proceed to Content  Widget in the Top Menu.

2. Now you are ready to set up a widget:

3. Go to the Details section.

Sharing ad:

  • None – current project banner will not have a widget;
  • New – Adform Toolkit will create a new standard banner which will be shared (default dimensions - 300x250);
  • This ad – current project banner will share itself (available only when a banner is Standard or Video type).

Title (required) – a shared application name which will be the default title suggested to the user on networks that support such titles.

Description (optional) - this string will be used as the description of the widget where appropriate (e.g.  when posting on the Facebook newsfeed the content of this parameter is added to the description field in the share dialog).

Preview image (optional) - an image that will be used as your widget's preview image on all the networking sites which support such previews (such as Facebook). By default, if this parameter is not set, the Wildfire is automatically creating a preview for your widget.

4. Go to the Destinations section:

Note: it may take several seconds to update the widget in the preview window after you have made any changes. Also, the preview window is not available for Flash version CS3 under Windows OS.

5. In the Layout section you are able to customize several options related to the widget objects: social network logos, code box, and etc.

6. In the Themes section you are able to change the visual appearance of a widget: select and edit the default themes.

Note: you are allowed to change the background color of a widget only if the “Classic” theme is selected.

7. Click the Save & Exit button, Adform widget component and the share button will appear on the stage.

8. Once it is compiled, you are able to share the banner across supported social Medias and networks by clicking on the SHARE button:

Note: whenever user interacts with a widget component, it automatically fires a report event to the Adform backend.

9. When the banner is finished, it can be tested by clicking the Preview button; or a ZIP file can be created by clicking the Export button so that the banner can be uploaded to the Adform system.

Info: More info about the widget component can be found here.