Video Extender is a single file Expanding banner format with a dragging possibilty (officially supported by MSN). It is possible to expand/extend a banner by simply dragging the button placed on a banner's corner.

Note: currently video extender feature is available only for Single Expanding banners made with ActionScript 2.

1. Create AS2 Single Expanding project (more info about creating Single Expanding banner can be found here).

2. Set the SingleExpanding settings:

  • Expand - custom;
  • Collapse - custom;
  • Auto show after - 0;
  • Auto hide after - 0;
  • Expanding delay - 0;
  • Expand animation - Any except "None";
  • Collapse animation - Any except "None";
  • wmode - transparent;
  • With the Landing page target, a landing page can be opened in a new or the same window, or in a frame.

3. Add any content to the banner: graphics, Adform Video Player and etc.

4. Drag ExtenderButton component to the stage.

5. Setup properties of the Extender in the Component Parameters panel:

  • Button Align - select position of the Extend Button;
  • Video Containers - enter an instance name of a Video container which must be extended.

6. Add custom code or events if needed (see ExtendButton component page).

7. The methods of creating and assigning actions are the same as for Standard banners.

8. When a banner is finished, it can be tested by clicking the Preview button; or a ZIP file can be created by clicking the Export button so that it can be uploaded to the Adforom system.