Tear Back Flash Banners (also known as Peel Back Banners) consist of two Flash files. A collapsed Flash banner resides in the upper right or left corner of a web page. When a user clicks on the collapsed banner, it tears down the page to reveal a full expanded banner. There are no limitations for the size or content of both – collapsed and expanded – banners. 

1. When creating a tear back banner you are first asked to define some details:

  • Enter names of a project and banners (collapsed and expanded);
  • Set locations of a project and banners (collapsed and expanded);
  • Set dimensions of the normal and expanded banners;
  • Select/deselect a default clicktag (more info about this option can be found here).

2. Fill in the required information in the Settings tab:

  • Position of a banner in a page;
  • Wmode: available transparent, opaque, or window;
  • With the Landing page target, a landing page can be opened in a new or the same window, or in a frame;
  • Expand type: a banner peels away either on a roll over or a click;
  • Collapse type: a banner closes either on a roll out or by clicking the Close button;
  • Auto show after: a time period in seconds when a banner should auto-show and/or auto-close.

3. The methods of creating and assigning actions are the same as for Standard banners. If the Tear Back banners must have close buttons, Adform Creative Toolkit inserts such buttons automatically.

4. When the banner is finished it can be tested by clicking the Preview button; or a ZIP file can be created by clicking the Export button so that the banner could be uploaded to the Adform system.