Note: in order to build Synchronized Standard banners follow to this topic: Creating Synchronized Ad

Synchronized Flash Banners are often desired when the advertising campaign needs several Flash banners to cooperate on one Media. For example, the ending of a streaming video in one banner starts another streaming video in another banner, or answering to a quiz questions in one banner invokes congratulatory animations in all banners, etc. Instructions for creating Synchronized Flash Banners via Adform Creative Toolkit are presented in the text below.

1. Find the Adform Local Connection component in the Library:

2. Drag it on the stage and open the Component Parameters window:

3. Fill in the channel and targetChannels fields:

  • channel - channel name on which this asset will be listening for messages. E.g: myChannel
  • targetChannels - target channels separated by , to which this component will be sending messages. E.g: a_channel,b_channel,c_channel
  • logEnabled - Enables/disables debug log messages. Default value false.

4. Setup other synchronized banners in the same way.

5. Proceed to the Local connection component specs page for more info.