Heavy rich media banners can significantly slow down the loading process of a Media site. Therefore, creative agencies have less creative freedom. As a solution, Adform recommends using polite banners. Polite banners allow the campaign banner to be almost unlimited weight as a flash file of a very little weight replaces the original banner during the Media site loading process.

1. Go to Content  Polite mode.

2. Once the Polite mode dialog is opened, there are three options:

  • None – a banner will not be of the polite type;
  • ActionScript – the creative toolkit generates the actionscript code;

The main idea of this code is that there is an event listener function implemented and when a page is fully loaded function handlePageLoaded is called. This method is very useful for video banners; a video starts streaming only when a page is fully loaded.

  • JavaScript – this method is based on such scenario: a light weight image file is displayed when a page is loading, and when the page is fully loaded the main SWF banner replaces the image. Currently only images may be the polite source.

4. When the banner is finished it can be tested by clicking the Preview button; and a .ZIP file is created, by clicking the Export button, so that it can be uploaded to the Adform system.