The IAB Filmstrip enables enhanced creative story-telling capabilities within a single ad creative. Advertisers have to submit just one 300x600 Filmstrip with five different segments. The Filmstrip is then served through the IAB UAP 300x600. Simple engagement features – scroll, click, hover, and touch – allow the user to explore all 5 segments of the 300x600 creative. Component is provided only in the Action Script 3 version.

A filmstrip can move down one subsequent frame in one of the following ways:
a) The end user interacts with 300x600 area and navigates to another page that serves the same unit;
b) The end user uses the scroll wheel on their mouse or horizontal browser bar;
c) The end user manually clicks on the next frame button at the bottom of 300x600.

1. Make 5 swf panels with content. It is highly recomended to read the specs before creating panels.

2. Create the main Filmstrip swf file:

     a) Create a new Standard banner file with dimensions of 300x600;
     b) Drag the Adform Filmstrip component on the stage from the components panel;

     c) Customize available settings and graphic appearance of the component;


     Animation Time (s) - Specify the duration of a scroll animation in seconds. (0.6 by default).
     Motion Blur - Enable/Disbale (true/false) motion blur (true by default).

      d) Export the swf file;
      e) Prepare settings.xml file according to the following example;

        <panel source="Panel1.swf">
          <nextText>Goto Slide 2</nextText>
        <panel source="Panel2.swf">
          <previousText>Goto Slide 1</previousText>
          <nextText>Goto Slide 3</nextText>
        <panel source="Panel3.swf">
          <previousText>Goto Slide 2</previousText>
          <nextText>Goto Slide 4</nextText>
        <panel source="Panel4.swf">
          <previousText>Goto Slide 3</previousText>
          <nextText>Goto Slide 5</nextText>
        <panel source="Panel5.swf">
          <previousText>Goto Slide 4</previousText>

     f) Test the banner.

Note: filmstrip component size is 21285 bytes.

Note: for uploading such banners please contact