Adform has released a special solution for banners with the dynamic content: Product Ads. Ads of such type are very useful for the campaigns which run banners with many different products. You simply need to make one banner with one product and through Adform system you can control what products (and how many) should be placed in the banner. Products Ad example can be found here .

Steps of the Product Ads setup:

1. The implementation of tracking on a client's site.

2. The synchronization of client's product feed with the Adform: 

Client's XML feed should be accessible through HTTP or FTP and have the following structure:
<product_name>Computer 123</product_name>
<product_name>Computer 456</product_name>

Info: for further info please contact Adform technical support:

3. Once client‘s feed has been synchronized with the Adform’s template, variables for Product Ads banner can be provided and the banner can be tested locally. Variables allow seeing product information in the compiled banner on your local machine. 
var bn = 1565579;
var cid = 4790; // aid value
var gid = 0;
var tid = 3825;
var domain = "";
var pgsz = 6;
var gcnt = 100;
4. The creation of a banner.
Follow these steps to create your banner:

1) Create a new Standard banner;
2) Drag the Adform XML_Manager component to the stage;
3) Drag the Products component  (product holder) from the Adform Product Components folder to the stage;
4) Increase/decrease the size of this component. The products will be placed in exactly the same area which the component "product" occupies;
5) Drag component „productItem“ to the stage. By default this component contains two dynamic textfields „product_price“, „product_name“, and a movieClip „product_image“. You will be able to change the content of these objects using the Adform system;
6) Drag „productsNextButton“ and „productsPreviousButton“ components to the stage if it is necessary (the products can be scrolled automatically);
7) The components should look like this:

8) Now select component „products“ and open Component Parameters;

Auto Scroll - number, 0 by default. When the value is more than 0, auto scroll of the products is enabled. Products' next action is performed after the amount of time in seconds according to this value.
Products Padding - integer, -1 by default. If the value is equal to -1, spaces between product items will be calculated automatically according the products' holder size. You are also able to define your own space in pixels.
Products to Show - Integer, 1 by default. This parameter shows how many product items to put into a product Holder.
Scroll Step - Integer, 0 by default. This parameter shows the amount of items to change on next/previous event.

Note: 0 or more than “Products To Show” value will be equal to “Products to Show” value.

9) You are able to change the visual look of „productItem“ component and buttons. The banner (with exactly the same settings set for component „product“ above) may have such look.

Note: Currently it is not possible to test Product Ads through Adform Creative Toolkit. It can be tested only in the Adform system.