In order to build Video banners with the time tracking, use the Adform Creative Toolkit. More info can be found here.

Video banners in devices which do not support Flash

Some devices, as iPad or iPhone, do not support the flash-based content. If a user visits a media site using such device then, instead of a video banner (Flash content), an image or an empty space is shown. In order to avoid such situations, Adform replaces images (or empty spaces) with HTML5 video banners. All you have to do is to send video files of the following types:

a. H.264+AAC+MP4 for IE9, iPhone 3.0+, iPad, Android 2.0+;
b. Theora+Vorbis+Ogg for Firefox 3.5, Chrome, Opera;
c. WebM for Firefox 4.0, Android 2.3+.

Rich Media video banners will work in the following way:

a. If it is possible to play a Flash video - the flash video will be played;
b. If it is not possible to play a flash video but it is possible to play an HTML5 video - the HTML5 video will be played (for expanding and tear back banners the HTML5 video will be shown only in the expanded state, in the collapsed state a backup image will be shown);
c. In the worst case, a backup image will be shown.