AdPages is a way to link flash banners with easy-to-read AdPages. AdPages is created by merging a standard flash banner with a text document (PDF, Word, PowerPoint).



Creating Flash banner

In order to have a „book“ in a banner, a flash banner must have a movieclip object with an instance name „droppHolder“.

 The droppHolder movieclip:

  • The instance name of the movieclip should be named droppHolder;
  • The droppHolder object must be present throughout the entire timeline of a banner;
  • The droppHolder object has to have an element inside it, as an empty movieclip does not have any size. Adding a simple box with the transparent fill is the easiest;
  • The publication preview does not follow the droppHolder's dimensions exactly, but takes up as much space as possible while maintaing the aspect ratio of the publication preview.

Be aware that the fill of droppHolder should be transparent, not the droppHolder itself. If you make the droppHolder movieclip semi-transparent (alpha = 50), the flipping magazine will appear semi-transparent in the final banner. In the same way, droppHolder rotation will cause the flipping magazine to be rotated in the final banner.

Note: Only banners made with the ActionScript3 are supported.

Requirements for uploading documents

  • The PDF should be Web-ready, meaning that it should be less than 100 mb and not have the large top/bottom/side margins as in a normal print version;
  • The total number of pages should not ecxeed 500 pages;
  • Supported formats: PDF, Word (DOC), PowerPoint (PPT), Open Office (ODS, ODP), WordPerfect (WPD), Rich text format (RTF), Star Office (SXI, SXW);
  • The optimal image resolution is 150 ppi (higher resolution will be scaled down);
  • Supported PDF versions: 1.0 to 1.5;
  • Do not include bleed, crop, or other print markings;
  • The PDF should be 1-page-to-1-page, meaning that two actual pages (a spread) should not be 1 page in the PDF.

Info: for further info contact Adform technical support


If a document contains hyperlinks, it is possible to click on them directly when reading the document in the full-screen version.