• Animation length: not longer than 30 sec.
  • Accepted file types: JPEG, .GIF, .SWF (Flash), DHTML.
  • Cannot contain auto-video, auto-audio, or auto-expandable.
  • Excessive file weight (initial load size bigger than 50K) is not allowed (depending on ad dimensions).
  • All Flash ads should support the clickTAG variable.
  • Supports Standard Rich Media.
  • Take Over creative is not allowed.
  • Animated GIF ads must have a frame rate not faster than 5 fps.
  • Flash ads must have a frame rate not faster than 18 fps.
  • Ads that shake or have high frequency flicker rates (between 5 – 30 transitions per second) are not allowed.
  • Creative cannot be from or make a call to an unapproved adserver.
  • Pop ups, surveys or any ad that spawns them are not allowed.
  • Colonizing ads that spawn additional windows or messages beyond the original advertising message is not allowed. Ads must open in a new tab or a new window.
  • On all the .gif and .swf ads with partially black or white backgrounds a visible border of a contrasting color to the majority background color of the ad must be added.
  • The most common ad dimensions include:
  1. 120x600;
  2. 160x600;
  3. 300x250;
  4. 468x60;
  5. 728x90.

Please consult the format/size requirements for each individual network.
All the other standards, as issued by the IAB regarding ad guidelines, should be adhered too.