In order for ad-serving systems to track clicks when displaying Flash banners, the Flash banners must be programmed to use clickTAG variables instead of pre-defined URLs. The clickTAG variables are passed to the Flash file by an HTML page that shows the Flash banner. Thereby, the ad-serving systems can track the number of clicks and change the URL real-time, without having to modify the Flash banner.

  • Flash banners must be compiled with the Flash 8 or higher versions.
  • Fallback *.gif banners must always be supplied for all formats.
  • Flash Clicks/Links use clickTAG’s.
  • Clicks/Links must avoid being blocked by pop-up blocks.
  • CPU usage must be limited.

Please also follow the Media (Publisher) restrictions for Loops, FPS, etc.

Info: In Safari 6.1 and above versions, a backup (image or HTML) is shown if a flash banner has a backup set. Alternatively, if there is no backup, the flash version is being displayed. Note that this modification does not apply for floating banners as they do not have the backup.